Allied Battery – The Perfect Lithium Battery Solution

Allied Battery has developed a true “Drop-in-Ready” lithium battery solution that is compatible with all golf cart models. A dealer can now convert a golf cart from lead acid batteries to Allied lithium batteries in less than 30 minutes.

Allied lithium batteries are produced with LifePO4 lithium chemistry and when combined with our battery management system is the safest battery available. Even safer than lead acid….mainly because they do not contain lead or acid! These sealed batteries are non-combustible and non-flammable.

In recent years the combination of Allied’s lower cost and improved technology of lithium batteries is making the conversion from lead acid to lithium the logical choice.

Our customers around the U.S. are enjoying the many benefits of Allied lithium batteries.

Free Shipping to your Store.Because of how safe our LifePO4 batteries are FedEx and UPS have approved them for both ground and air shipments. So to take the guesswork out of shipping costs we provide free shipping to your door in the continental U.S.

Great for long term storage.Allied Lithium batteries are ready to drive even after months in storage. This is due to their low self-discharge rate of just 2%-3% per month as opposed to lead acid with a self-discharge rate of 25%-33% per month. In addition, it is very harmful for a lead acid battery to be discharged below 50% of its capacity. Snow birds enjoy the benefit of leaving their cart in storage for the summer months.

Value Proposition.In past years there were two main factors preventing lithium batteries becoming the dominant battery solution. Allied’s volume production has brought down the cost of lithium considerably where the cost/benefit is now overwhelmingly tilted in favor of lithium.