Allied 48V 30AH Lithium Golf Cart Batteries - "Drop-in-Ready"

Allied 48V Lithium Golf Cart Batteries - "Drop-in-Ready"

The Power of Lithium

Allied lithium golf car batteries are the only true "Drop-In-Ready" lithium batteries for golf cart. Allied Battery's versatile lithium battery conversion solution allows users to convert 48V lead-acid to a full lithium golf cart set up. 

Choose from 2 x 48V 30Ah (30Ah) all the way up to 8 x 48V 30Ah (240Ah) lithium golf batteries for maximum range. This lithium golf cart conversion kit is great for all major brands including Club Car, EZGO, ICON, AdvancedEv and Icon and more.

Simply remove your existing lead-acid batteries and replace with the Allied lithium golf cart batteries, attach cables in parallel, secure holding bracket, and the install is complete.

48V Allied Battery Golf Car Reviews

Get the full 48V Lithium Battery for Golf Cart Conversion Kit

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Golf Carts 48V Lithium Batteries

48V x 30AH Golf Cart Batteries


Waterproof 48V Lithium Battery Charger

Stainless steel 15a waterproof lithium battery charger. Can be mounted right onboard.

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CAN bus State of Charge Meter

Real-time State-of-Charge Meter for accurate drive time.

Why switch from Lead-Acid to Lithium?






Why choose Allied Battery Golf Cart Batteries?

Certified Safe

Tested and certified for all major safety approvals.

Protect Your Investment

Rugged design is built to last with warranty to match.

U.S. Owned & Operated

U.S. based company dedicated to providing fully supported lithium energy solutions.

Golf Cart Lithium Accessories

Dash Mounted Comm Port Meter

Provides real time voltage, amps and percentage of remaining charge.

48V to 12V Converter

Power 12V accessories with a waterproof converter.

Waterproof Charger

15A waterproof charger with OEM or snap attachment.

Common 48V Lithium Questions

Allied Battery is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of high-quality lithium batteries and battery solutions, including those designed for 48V lithium golf cart conversion kits.

Advantages of Allied Battery:

Quality Assurance: Allied Battery is known for its commitment to quality and reliability. Our lithium batteries are often designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards, providing golf cart owners with peace of mind regarding their investment.

Go faster, ride smoother: With the reduced weight and increased power, enjoy a better ride and accelerate much quicker.

Advanced Battery Management Systems: Allied Battery often incorporates advanced Battery Management Systems (BMS) into their lithium battery packs. These BMS systems help ensure the safety and longevity of the batteries while optimizing their performance.

Technical Support: Allied Battery typically provides technical support and guidance to customers during the selection and installation process. This support can be invaluable for those embarking on a 48V lithium golf cart conversion.

Extended Range: Lithium batteries significantly enhance the range of golf carts. This extended range enables golfers to explore larger courses without the worry of running out of power, making it a game-changer for avid golfers and course management.

Make the switch today to a 48V lithium golf cart battery. The numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, longer lifespan, reduced maintenance, lightweight design, quick charging, and faster speeds.

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