Allied "Drop-In-Ready" Lithium 72V Batteries

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Allied Lithium Batteries made to 72V vehicles.

Allied Lithium Batteries are the only true Drop-in-Ready Lithium batteries for 72V vehicles. Our turn-key replacement system enables you to convert your vehicle from lead acid to lithium in less than 30 minutes. 72V x 18AH batteries connect in parallel you can anywhere from 4 to 8 batteries depending on the required distance. If you need more distance after the initial order you can order another battery and add it to the system.

Allied lithium battery chargers are made with the OEM plug-in connectors so there are no special adapters required to charge the batteries.

72V Full Conversion Kit.

Packages start at 4 x 72V x 18AH Lithium Batteries made to fit in the existing slots on the Polaris GEM. Simply remove the Lead-Acid Batteries and replace with 4 or up to 8 72V Lithium Batteries, attach cables in parallel, secure holding bracket and the install in complete.

If you prefer to fill the remaining open battery positions we offer empty battery cases for $24 each.

How many 72V x 18AH is right for me?

Note: 4 Battery Minimum for 72V Vehicles

4 Batteries (120AH) - 25-30 Miles per charge.

5 Batteries (150AH) - 35 -40 Miles per charge.

6 Batteries (180AH) -  45-50 Miles per charge.

7 Batteries (210AH) - 55-60 Miles per charge.

8 Batteries (240AH) -  65-75 Miles per charge.

Mileages based on 2012 72V GEM Electric Vehicles. Adjust for non-stock items: upgraded motors / controllers, AC units, older carts, etc.

4 x 72V 18AH batteries are required and for each additional batteries add 10 miles to the range. Extra batteries can be added within 1 year of installation.

In order to maximize the life of the Lithium battery we require the use of the Allied Charger. Includes OEM plugs, charge the batteries quickly and turn off when charging is complete.

Learn more about the correct sizing for your specific needs, here. Allied experts are also here to help match the correct AH with the cart and customer needs.

What is included in the package?

  • 72V 18AH Lithium Batteries made to fit the existing battery slots.
  • State of Charge Meter


  • Lithium Charger with GEM Plug (Required)
  • 4 Gauge Cable Set
  • Battery Cases to fill the empty slots.

How are they connected?

The 72V 18AH Lithium batteries will connect in a parallel method. 

For most 72V carts,  a minimum of 4 batteries are required and will have a range of 35-40 miles per charge. If a user would like to extend the distance of the system additional batteries can be added within 2 years of installation. Each additional battery will provide around 10 miles of extended distance.

Always know your remaining charge.

Also our State of Charge meter has an LCD screen that provides you an accurate percentage reading so there is no guessing how much charge remains, similar to a cell phone. Included with every set of batteries.

Approximately 1/4th the weight of lead acid batteries.

Lithium batteries weigh approximately 1/4th the weight of the lead-acid reducing the overall weight of your cart by 300lbs. This sizable reduction of weight has benefits for all aspects of your cart to include tires, brakes and suspension parts.

No maintenance!

No maintenance. That means no watering, no acid and no corrosion. Also there is no need for rubber gloves and safety glasses when handling our batteries.

Tested and Safe.

Allied Battery has over 30 years of experience in Lithium and safety. LifePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) is one of the safest battery chemistry available.

Our BMS (battery management system) in each battery will detect any problems with the performance of the battery and shut down any cells not functioning properly. The BMS will also protect the batteries from any over-charging or under charging of the batteries.

FedEx and UPS have approved our product for air and ground shipping.

Click here to a full list of the Allied Battery Safety Certifications Safety Certifications

Great for long term storage.

For vehicles left in storage either for long winters or snow birds leaving their car for months, lithium batteries only lose 3-5% of charge per month. Lead-Acid batteries will lose up to 33% of charge per month when not on the charger.

3-5 Hour Fast Charging.

Charging: A full 72V setup will charge in 3-5 hours versus lead acid batteries that require 10-12 hours.

Opportunity Charging: This means you can top off your Lithium Batteries any time you want without harming the batteries (just like your cell phone). You cant do this with Lead Acid without damaging and reducing the life of the batteries.

In order to maximize the life of the Lithium battery we require the Allied Lithium Battery Charger. Allied Lithium chargers come with OEM plugs, charge the batteries quickly and turn off when charging is complete. 

8-Year Warranty.

Allied Lithium Batteries have an 8-Year warranty to guarantee you will receive the full value of your investment.

Lithium batteries under normal use will provide you over 10 years of maintenance free service! While lead acid will last just 3-5 years based on how well you maintain the batteries.

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