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Commercial Battery

  1. Remove seat, turn off the cart with the key and put the cart in tow mode. 
  2. Take a picture of the previous installation for reference.
  3. Disconnect and remove lead-acid batteries.
  4. Make sure the power button on the Allied battery is the off position (no blue light)
  5. Secure the mounting brackets to the underside of the commercial battery, slot side down and facing away from battery.
  6. Position the battery in the battery tray where the main positive and negative connections can reach the battery terminals. You may have to adjust the brackets for a proper fit. Note: You may have to buy longer cables if they do not reach properly, and if your wires are cracked or rusted, we highly recommend replacing them.
  7. Secure the opposite side of the mounting brackets to the golf car frame with the provided hardware.
  8. Connect the 48V Positive Cables to the Red Terminal and the 48V Negative Cables to the Black terminal and tighten. Note: Do not connect 12V accessories (horn, lights, etc.) directly to the battery. 12V Accessories must connect to a 48V to 12V Step-Down Converter. This can be purchased here
  9. Press the power button (blue light on) and place the cart into run mode.
  10. Confirm accessories are working (lights, horn, etc.)
  11. Replace the seat and ensure the cart will drive forward and in reverse.
  12. Download the Allied Battery App and connect to your battery, should start with "AB-".
  13. Plug in the Allied Charger and confirm the battery is charging. This is indicated by a positive Amp value on the left of the screen. Typically, between 10A and 15A to start. Always charge the battery to 100% (green light) before initial use.
  14. When the charger light stays green for more than 3 minutes and the app shows 100%, the battery is charged. Now unhook the charger.

The Allied Commercial Battery can be installed on it's side.

Start by installing the mounting bracket to the battery. Insert the battery into the golf cart tray. Drill hole through bottom bracket slot and secure with provide hardware to the underside of cart. Video of bracket installation.

Yes, after installation the terminal covers should be installed to protect from damage.
The Comm Port SOC does not require calibration. Plug into the comm port and it will auto calibrate.
No, however, ensure the battery power is off before installation. The power button blue light should be off.
Allied Battery does not recommend running lower than 20% and charging to 100% after each use.
The battery should be charged after every use, when the charger light stays green for over 3 minutes, unplug from cart.
Yes, the batteries ship at around 50% charge. After installing, charge the battery until charger light stays green for over 3 minutes, then unplug from cart.
This is the charger balancing the cells at the end of the charge leave plugged in until green light stays on for 3 or more minutes.

No we do not suggest terminal grease. Unlike lead-acid the Allied Battery does not corrode, rust.

You can find the warranty information here.


Yes, however, if you need assistance or do not feel comfortable installing, please seek a professional.

Yes, the BLUETOOTH ENALBED APP displays:

  • Remaining AH and Voltage
  • Remaining Discharge Time
  • Remaining Charge Time
  • Current Amp Draw
  • Current Cell Temperature
  • Voltage of Individual Cells
  • Lifetime Power Cycles
  • Turn Charger On / Off
  • Turn Battery Pack On / Off
  • Safety Protection Dashboard10
Before storage period charge Allied Commercial Battery to 100%, remove charger, and press button to off position. This process will allow the battery to be stored for 6-9 months.
  • A 65AH / 105AH / 150AH Battery
  • Waterproof Charger - Mounting Brackets
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Cables
  • State of Charge Meter
  • Terminal Protectors
  • Bluetooth

Note: Do not connect 12V accessories (horn, lights, etc.) directly to the battery.

12V Accessories must connect to a 12V Step-Down Converter. This can be purchased here

The batteries will work with the high-rate controllers. This is our recommended sizing.

  • 250A controller, 38V 65Ah
  • 250A - 440A Controller, 48V 105Ah
  • 440A + Controller, 48V 150Ah
Yes the Allied Battery works great with carts with regen braking. An extra resistor coil is NOT required unlike other battery companies.

End users have 30 days to register the warranty here.

AH = Amp Hour. The higher the Amp Hour the increased runtime, the increase in amp hour, the longer runtime and better performance. Also, the larger the amp hour rating, the higher current draw the BMS can handle

Yes, Allied Battery offers a 36V 105AH and a 72V 105AH.

The Allied Battery onboard charger has 4 mounting holes that allow for the charger to be bolted flat/flush with the battery tray.
The Allied Battery commercial battery comes with red and black installation cables.

The Commercial batteries range from 71lbs-157lbs depending on the product. For more information, data sheets located here.

The warranty is non-transferable. This Warranty applies only to the original end-user / application owner of the Product and is not transferable to any other person or entity.
No, Allied Commercial Battery cases consist of powder coated high grade steel with stainless steel hardware.

BMS specs can be found in the data sheets here.

The dimensions of the batteries can be found in the data sheets here.

Yes when ordered mention the cart make and model and we will send correct 48V 150AH
Yes the Allied Charger is designed to be mounted on the wall or directly onboard the cart and can withstand the elements.

This is not required if you choose an Onboard Charger. The Onboard Charger will connect directly to the Allied Battery and then charge with an extension cord. For more convivence the Allied Waterproof AC Onboard Charging Plug can be installed on the cart so the seat does not need to be lifted when charging with Extension Cord.