How Sleep Mode Works For Your Allied Battery

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How Sleep Mode Works For Your Allied Battery


My name is Corey Tofano and I am the Southeast Regional Sales Manager for Allied Lithium Battery. I want to share some basic information about our Sleep Mode and the significant role it plays in protecting Allied Batteries.

What our Sleep Mode is about:

Sleep Mode is an amazing feature that protects your customers battery from over discharge. There might have been instances where you have snow bird customers who come back to their golf cart after a few months to realize their battery is completely dead. This can happen when the end user mistakenly left their accessories on, forgot to charge, or turn off the battery. We realize this can happen at any time, so that is why we put in our Sleep Mode Feature. To remove the risk of over discharge when these accessories stay on for an extended period of time. Now when your customers come back after a certain period of time, their golf cart is ready to go whenever they need it. With our Sleep Mode you and your customers will be at ease knowing they have an Allied Battery in their golf cart.


All new Allied commercial batteries come with the sleep mode feature

How our Sleep Mode Timer Works:

Sleep Mode works on a timer that resets to 0 when it sees a current draw in your customer’s golf cart. Which happens when the battery is charging or being driven by the customer. The timer will always count until it eventually shuts off the battery. Your battery will be at 3.3v when the BMS senses no draw on your golf cart. Depending on the customer’s cart and their wiring, the battery may drop to 3.28v. This is where Sleep Mode knows if at any point you cross into that lower threshold, it will go into protection mode. This just means it is saving you from over discharging and damaging the battery. Once it is back to being fully charged, your customers are on their way to driving where they need to get to. This is why you can always feel protected in an Allied Lithium Battery and having a more enjoyable experience while driving.