Why It's Important to Properly Mount Your Battery

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Why It's Important to Properly Mount Your Battery

Why is important to mount my Allied Battery?

Mounting the battery to your battery tray is important for a number of reasons. Most importantly you want to protect your investment and you do not want the battery bumping into other vital and expensive components under your seat. Keeping your battery mounted in place will alleviate tension and unwanted stress on the terminal cables and keep the cart running as efficient as possible. Allied commercial batteries are used in a variety of applications and many customers use them in their offroad EV’s.

 A well-mounted Allied Battery installed with the included bracket system


Even though Allied has engineered a thick steel case with innovative cell hold down plates it is best to keep it safe and secure with our sturdy mounting brackets.  The beauty of the design of the mounting brackets is the versatility. Our “tall” brackets work best in situations where seat clearance is not an issue. For example EZGO TXT. Our lower profile brackets work great in Club Car and Yamaha carts along with many other brands. If you have any questions or would like more information please reach out to Allied Lithium customer support at info@alliedlithium.com or (800) 625-5110.