DIR About Us

Welcome to Allied Battery, home to the cutting-edge "Drop-in-Ready" lithium battery products and accessories, proudly brought to you by CSG Commercial Power, headquartered in the vibrant city of Saint Louis, Missouri. With a legacy dating back to 2002, we've been at the forefront of the industry, specializing in providing top-notch lithium energy solutions tailored to the needs of the middle market.

At Allied Battery, we understand the importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving market. That's why our range of 36V, 48V, and 72V products is designed to offer a seamless entry into the world of lithium upgrades. Gone are the days of daunting sticker prices associated with large bank size products. Our solutions offer affordability without compromising on quality or performance, making the transition to lithium power both accessible and cost-effective.

One of the hallmarks of our products is their compatibility with the Allied Lithium Bluetooth app, available for both Android and iPhone users. This intuitive app empowers you to monitor and manage your battery systems with ease, providing real-time insights and control at your fingertips. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice enthusiast, our user-friendly interface ensures that you're always in command of your power supply.

Quality and reliability are at the core of everything we do. That's why all CSG Commercial Power products, including those under the Allied Battery brand, are backed by an industry-leading 8-Year Warranty. We stand behind our products, confident in their durability and performance, giving you peace of mind with every purchase.

But our commitment doesn't end with the sale. We believe in fostering lasting relationships with our customers, providing comprehensive support and assistance every step of the way. Whether you have questions about installation, troubleshooting, or maximizing the efficiency of your lithium system, our dedicated team of experts is here to help.

Join the countless satisfied customers who have made the switch to Allied Battery products and experience the difference for yourself. Empower your journey with reliable, high-performance lithium solutions from the experts you can trust. Welcome to Allied Battery ā€“ where power meets innovation, affordability, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.


DIR About Us