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Golf Car Summer Storage Tips

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Golf Car Summer Storage Tips

My name is Steve O’Hara and I am the Florida Central/East Regional Sales Manager for Allied Lithium Battery. For our snowbirds that are getting ready to head back up north I’ve got a few storage tips to follow while you’re gone for the summer. It’s that time of the year when our snowbird friends return to their northern homes to enjoy the spring and summer for the next six months. Below are some storage tips so when you return next fall to minimize any issues to your golf car.

Tips before heading back up north!

1. Check the tire pressure for proper inflation and to prevent flat spots during storage. Tires don’t hold up well when they sit for six months. If you can jack up the car and let the car sit on jack stands or blocks, this will help prevent flat spots when you return.

2. Rinse off the tops of the batteries to remove dirt and grime. It’s a good idea to do this at the club wash down area prior to storing your car at home.

3. For golf car owners that are still using the lead acid batteries, make sure you fully charge the batteries and before leaving, replenish the distilled water in each battery to the proper level.

4. For lithium battery owners, make sure you follow the recommended storage procedures from the manufacturer and be sure to at least TURN OFF the battery prior to leaving.

Allied's new power button on our Commercial Batteries allows for easy turning off and on of your power source in a split second!

5. After fully charging the batteries, unplug the charger from both the golf car and the 110 AC plug on the wall. Leaving the charger plugged into the 110 AC on the wall could cause issues later from power surges from lightning strikes and other uncontrollable circumstances.

6. Make sure you put the car in TOW or STORAGE mode prior to leaving. This will eliminate discharging from any of the accessories that might draw down the batteries over time.

7. I have DoorWorks rain enclosures on my car. I like to leave all the panels down and zip them together to help prevent the clear vinyl windows from having a lot of wrinkles in them. This will also help protect the interior and seats from getting dirty during storage. If your zippers get stuck when trying to zip them down or up, put a little bit of Dawn dish soap on the zipper and slide it back and forth to lubricate them.

8. NOTE: If you have a trustworthy neighbor who will take your car out for a ride and charge it each month, this would be ideal for the next six months. It will help keep the tires from resting on the same spot and keep the batteries fully charged so when you return you should be ready to go. Some clubs offer summer maintenance programs or have local golf car dealers that offer summer storage as well.

Feel free to reach out to me at 561-424-6184 or Steve@dwparts.com with any questions or comments.