Why Make the Switch from Lead-Acid to Allied Lithium?

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Why Make the Switch from Lead-Acid to Allied Lithium?

My name is A.J. Hrushka and I am the West Regional Sales Manager in the U.S. for Allied Lithium Battery.  A very simple but relevant question consistently asked by end users and dealers is… “why should I switch to lithium from lead acid?”.  The first thing people see is the higher price tag, but the benefits of lithium far outweigh the nominal increase in price.

Battery Weight

A typical Lead acid battery set up weighs approximately 350 pounds.  Allied Battery’s commercial packs and drop-in batteries average around half of that weight or less.  Less weight means better performance for your golf cart and extended range.

No Maintenance

Tired of cleaning corrosion off your batteries?  Forgetting to put water in them?  Worrying about performance if your battery is discharged below 50%?  These are all worries that go away when you install an Allied Lithium battery.  No acid means no corrosion.  No need to water.  Full performance benefits even if the battery happens to be discharged to a low level.

Self-Discharge Rate

Lead acid batteries will discharge at a rate of 25-33% a month if left unattended.  Your Allied Lithium Battery will discharge less than 3% a month.  In addition to the low discharge rate, an Allied Commercial Battery has a power off switch that powers down the battery if it is not going to be used for an extended period.  That feature, combined with our Allied Battery Solenoid accessory, eliminates any discharge from the battery.  For our Allied Battery Drop-In users, we have an Allied Battery cutoff switch that offers the same benefit.

Charge Time

Lead acid batteries will take approximately 8-10 hours to complete a charge cycle.  That leaves lead acid battery users with less flexibility and having to plan around a charging cycle when using their golf cart.  Your Allied Lithium battery with your Allied Lithium Battery Charger will complete a charge cycle in 2-4 hours.  Playing golf in the morning, then running home before heading back out to the club again?  Just throw your Allied Battery on your charger for a quick opportunity charge and drive worry free for the rest of your day!

All Allied Lithium products are compatible with the Bluetooth app - available for iPhone and Android devices.

Lifetime Cycles

Lead acid batteries typically have a lifespan of 500-750 cycles IF taken care of properly.  Your Allied Lithium Battery will have 3500+ charge cycles.  Worried about cost of lithium?  You would need to replace your lead acid batteries five times over before you replace one Allied Lithium Battery set! 

As you can see above, the slightly higher cost of lithium is well worth the benefits of an Allied Battery system.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any of our Allied Lithium team.

A.J. Hrushka

Allied Battery

West Regional Sales Manager

O: 800-401-2294

C: 480-227-2096