On the Allied Cut Off Switch [Now Included With All Drop-in Purchases!]

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On the Allied Cut Off Switch [Now Included With All Drop-in Purchases!]

The battery is the power source to operate your electric golf cart. In addition to the motor and controller, golf cart batteries also supply power to all of the accessories on the cart. These accessories may include lights, sounds bars, fans, GPS and even back-up cameras. All of these accessories are connected to a 12v reducer and drain power from the battery even when not running. There is however a reliable solution to shut down amp draw in storage.

Battery disconnects or cut-off switches are designed to cut-off electrical power and prevent parasitic drain from happening. The cut-off switch is the fast and safe alternative to manually disconnecting the batteries one lug nut at a time. Allied Lithium batteries have a very long shelf life if they are stored properly so when a cart isn’t used for a long period of time the use of a cut-off switch will protect batteries from excessive drain. It is important to never over-discharge your Lithium battery and recommended to fully charge after each use with an approved certified matching charger.

The new Allied Cut-Off Switch is included at no additional charge with all Drop-in-Ready purchases!

The cut-off switch not only helps protect and extend your battery life but also your safety. You can easily shut off the power going to your accessories during maintenance ensuring you won’t run into live wires. This can protect you against electric shock while performing maintenance, adding additional accessories, or replacing them.

The cut-off switch also adds a cost-effective extra layer of anti-theft security. Although very simple it can be a powerful deterrent against vehicle theft.

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Thomas J. Hazer Jr.

Regional Sales Manager

Allied Battery