What Size Lithium Battery Do I Need? Understanding Drop-in-Ready vs. Commercial Bank Batteries

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What Size Lithium Battery Do I Need? Understanding Drop-in-Ready vs. Commercial Bank Batteries

“Drop in Ready” or Commercial "Big Bank” Batteries – What is the difference and which one would work best for you?

My name is Matt Longinotti and I am the South Central Regional Sales manager for Allied Lithium Batteries. I have worked in the golf cart industry for 10+ years and have seen a lot of changes and advances in technology over the years. The biggest change I have noticed has been in the battery segment. It was only about 8 years ago that I saw a vehicle from one of the “big three” manufacturers displayed at the PGA show. It was supposed to have a “Lithium” battery, but it looked more like a prop from a 1950’s sci-fi movie and it certainly wasn’t functional.  In the past few years functionality and practicality has helped shape the batteries into two different categories known as “Drop in Ready” and “Commercial” or “Big Bank”.


allied lithium drop in ready battery

 Allied “Drop in Ready” Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Allied “Drop in Ready”

Six years ago, Allied Lithium started out with the “Drop in Ready” style battery. This battery is still offered today because of its versatility. Since the batteries are the same dimensions as a standard golf cart battery so they will fit in any battery tray. Allied recently redesigned the battery with a new steel case, Bluetooth technology, and a comm port so they can utilize a digital state of charge meter. The batteries are much lighter than a commercial battery, so it makes handling and installation a breeze. Another benefit of the batteries is that in a standard golf cart you can start out with as little as 2 batteries to get you rolling. If you decide to modify your cart later or want more range simply to install another battery or two. (amp hour fitting guide on alliedlithium.com) The batteries work great with our accessories as onboarding chargers have grown in popularity.

 The Commercial or "Big Bank” Battery

Allied Commercial Batteries are designed to replace the existing battery pack with a single battery. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be run in parallel for the larger EV’s like the Polaris Ranger and others on the market. One advantage of this battery pack is that it has a very clean look when installed properly with only a few cables exposed. The commercial battery also offers Bluetooth, cell balancer, fire suppression, comm port, can-bus and many other features that separate us from the competition. The batteries are offered in 65ah, 105ah, 150ah, and 210ah that makes finding the right size amp hour for your application easy. (fitting guide on alliedlithium.com) Allied Lithium has hundreds of authorized dealers across the country to help with your needs. Visit alliedlithium.com to find an Authorized Local Dealer or become one yourself!!